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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Basic of Sports Nutrition for a Sportsman

Sports are very important for our body. As much as it gives us joy, it also helps us stay healthy. Sports are fun but if you are a part of your life and really serious about excelling. If you are building your career in sports then you need to know about sports nutrition and give it much more importance.

We will now take a look at the key nutrients that are more important for building your body for sports. We will then look at five tips to consider and finally practical ways to achieve your goals.

Many athletes and women believe that proper nutrition is one of the main reasons for this rapid improvement in their performance. Almost all professional athletes have a diet written and customized especially for them. You can also create a diet plan to keep your body fit for sports.

The statement “You are what you eat” is perfect for sportsmen. Properly customized diets will help you increase energy storage, provide more rigorous training, and improve at all levels.

Energy:  Carbohydrates are the number one fuel in our body. It is a great source of energy. Taking adequate amounts of it both before and after a sports routine will help you perform much better and increase your stamina. It is recommended to use common carbohydrates. But avoid simple sugars that provide empty calories.

Protein: Protein is a great way to improve your muscle building process. Almost all sports require you to have strong muscles. Protein is king in the state of muscle building.

These are the two main nutrients for sports nutrition.

Now we will discuss 5 tips related to basic sports nutrition.

1. Give more importance to the foods that have more sugar. Your muscles rely on carbohydrates for glycogen synthesis.

2. Eat a high protein diet after your sports routine. This helps you build muscles for the next professional training session and make them stronger.

3. Drink plenty of water: Stay away from soft drinks to quench your thirst. They will eat away at your system, slowly but surely.

4. Eat foods like bananas, oranges, potatoes and raisins which has much potassium

5. Get adequate rest in the form of 7-8 hours of sleep every night before competitions. Increase your carbohydrate intake 2-3 days before the competition. Drink plenty of fluids. Take 3-4 cups of water with each meal and sip between meals. Never get thirsty. Keep track of your weight as well. Strong sports routines are well documented to lose weight and therefore regular checking is extremely necessary.

Keep the above points in mind and your performance will skyrocket.

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