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Friday, May 7, 2021

 Vitamin A: Work, Source, Deficiency and Excess 

Vitamin A and its source

Vitamins are an important element for the human body. It helps the body grow, prevent disease and keep the body healthy. There are 5 types of vitamins: Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin A and Vitamin K. Today we will learn about Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is a very important ingredient in our daily food list. It is a fat soluble vitamin which means the body can store it whenever it wants. It requires 900 micro grams per man daily and 770 micro grams per woman daily. This is very important for the human body. It also increases eyesight by increasing the body's resistance to disease. Lack of it leads to various diseases. If there is a lack of nutrition in the body, its deficiency is more observed. 

Efficacy of Vitamin A:

It has many functions for the human body, some of its function are:

1. Increases eyesight

2. Cover collar growth

3. Immunity (hematopoiesis)

4. Fetal development

  5. Antioxidant activity

6. Gene transcription

Source of Vitamin A:

Source of vitamin A

Just as we can get vitamin A from plants, we can also get it from animals. However, the main source of it is plants. Some source of vitamin A are:

Vegetable sources

Notable Vegetable sources are


Sweet Potato

Sweet pumpkin

Bitter gourd

Ripe papaya

Green vegetables

Ripe mango

Ripe yellow all fruits

Animal source:

Notable animal sources are

All liver oil


Clarified butter


Eggs etc.

Symptoms of vitamin A deficiency:

Lack of vitamin A causes various problems in our body. These problems damage our health and disrupt our normal life processes. There are some significant problems:

1. Not seen in the dark / Night blindness

2. Inflammation of the airways

3. Dry skin (like frog skin)

4. Impairment of the child's physical growth

5. Kidney stones

6. Infertility

7. Unstable growth

8. Acne & breakouts

9. Poor Wounds healing

10. Infertility & Trouble conceiving

11. Pneumonia

12. Various types of ear problems occur

Just as vitamin A deficiency causes problems, excessive intake of vitamin A also causes various problems in the body.

These are the problems that occur when taking extra vitamin A:

Hair growth

Weight loss

Dislike of eating


Excessive erosion

Unstable abnormal growth etc.

So we need to take adequate amount of vitamin A. Foods that are high in vitamin A need to be included in our daily diet. We need to take Balance food. We need to make sure that all the nutrients are present in our daily diet. Vitamin A deficiency is just as much a problem as taking too much of it. So we have to be careful about that. It cannot be taken in large quantities and cannot be taken in small quantities.

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